Impressing A Potential Girlfriend On The First Date

Looking like a homeless bearded guy with matching sandals and shorts won’t get you any dates, but the same goes for a well-dressed man who can’t keep a conversation going. You need to combine style and substance to impress your date. This article will focus on the style part of the equation, for more on the substance check out The Girlfriend Activation System, which teaches you the secrets of charming your perfect 10 girlfriend.

Let’s talk about your first date outfit…

Now that you have gotten the first date, you must be wondering how you can make a good impression so that you can get a second date or more. Dressing up for your first date shows that you value the person you are seeing. Put away those t-shirts and sneakers, reserve them for a more casual setting. Put on your best dress shirt, a sport coat, and your best dress shoes, boat shoes, brogue or desert suede shoes, it will all depend on your outfit.

One thing you can do is rock a suit on your first date if you have a suit that you look good in, just make sure that you do something before your date that justifies wearing a s suit, as it is pretty corny to wear a suit out on a date otherwise and you never wear suits.

People say that the shoes you wear make a big difference, and that may be true as they can indicate a lot about your personality, and your personality is the most important thing of all.

Although looking dapper on your first date will help you make a good impression, and get your foot in the door, you still need to be able to keep that good impression up, and that happens naturally when you have a friendly, charming personality.

Looking good on your first date is half the battle, you must be able to keep a conversation going. Ask her about herself and the things she is interested in. In general, people love to talk about themselves and your first date is no exception. The more she says, the less you have to say. Keep the conversation light and as much as possible, unless she brings it up, avoid politics, religion and philosophy.


Shoe fads for 2014

The year 2014 ushers in shoe trends that show strong probability of staying on for a long while.  On top of this, there is also quite a broad spectrum of styles to choose from—with styles ranging from bright and multi-coloured loafers, clunky platform clogs, eye-catching platform sneakers, wedges with cut-out details, boots with animal prints, to sleek pumps and sophisticated high-heels.  There is no doubt that there are multiple options to please every shoe aficionado in this year’s shoe collections.  The finds are quite diverse this year, making shoe shopping absolutely fun and exciting.  Limiting your purchases to just a few pairs is likely to prove quite challenging.

Over-the-knee boots is one such trend – with options ranging from brown and black choices with thick stocky heels and accent buckles at the ankles to those made of deluxe calf-hair to those featuring unbelievably high stilettos – all likely to make whatever you wear – be it a mini, a pair of short-shorts, a girly-flirty dress, a tunic attire or the ubiquitous jeans – look fantastic.

One other interesting shoe trend features shoes with lug soles – a style that puts an indelible “designer” look on the aerosole classic. The lug soles make their appearance on flats, as well as on sandals and boots, an obvious elegy to the grunge style. The fashion-meets-comfort appeal of this trend is a certain hit – with true-blue shoe enthusiasts, as well as with the novices won over by the comfortable make-up of this particular trend.

Another element which seems to have taken the shoe world by storm is crazy heels or statement heels. Even strongly feminine shoes come with a twist with heels designed to resemble nails or wedges made of metal carved with details strongly art deco in flavour. The innovative and cutting-edge character of these heels is winning over a lot of fervour from true shoe enthusiasts.

Animal print continues to make its presence felt in shoes this year – with python-skin and snakeskin going head to head, making people with a strong passion for shoes hard pressed to make decisions. Even everyday sneakers and sandals get an immediate upgrade dressed up in snakeskin, transforming your favourite LBD or ripped shorts into something fantastic by the simple shoe pairing.

Mary Janes from the 60’s get an update; worn with glittering and sparkling minis, they shout immediate rock star appeal.  Other detail options of this particular trend include killer stiletto heels and spectator pumps.  You can also opt for double-strapped Mary Janes in black patent leather.